Can anything good come from Nazareth?

John 1: 46

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We listened to God’s direction and started a podcast, on that journey God began to reveal a new way we could love on others.  So many women need support and community and there seems to be a lack of it.   We hope to be the love, light and grace that we all need.  

We want to help women.  Women going through hard times, needing support as well as women just looking for a place to feel seen and loved.   

Through caring for some of their physical needs, we hope to provide some spiritual and emotional support as we get to know them.

We want Love, Light & Grace to be a place where women of all backgrounds know they are safe, supported and loved in and through Christ’s grace.  

We are offering some services that we would love the public’s help in providing, either monetary contributions or by donation

 We all know that women tend to put their families before themselves and when times get tough hesitate to take care of their own needs.   Through hair services and offering women’s hair and body care items we hope to begin to build relationships of support for these women and mothers.

Small town BIG Kingdom

Two small town women trying to help others find the way to His Big Kingdom. Our mission is to inspire small steps toward Jesus that will bring BIG joy, purpose, value and encouragement to point others to God’s kingdom.

Musical credit: Jared Thompson, Ocilla Baptist Church

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